Tuesdays & Thursdays evenings & Friday mornings in Horsham

Meg is passionate about bringing you a truly holistic experience, inviting you to dedicate your practice to someone special & returning to themes such as gratitude throughout making for a spiritual experience in the midst of sometimes strength building, sometimes restorative body work. Meg encourages listening to YOUR body in the moment, knowing that whatever you do, it's enough, ultimately build an amazing relationship with yourself.

 Kerry S

Monday evenings in Horsham

Kerrys clever sequencing and clear instructions create a really safe space and an incredible openness and strength in the body. Her passion for Yoga and her beautiful class themes culminate in a totally holistic experience for your head, heart, body and soul. 



Wednesdays in Findon

Sarah has an inclusive and accessible attitude to teaching and strongly believes in the philosophy that yoga can be for everyone. Her classes focus on moving the body with an awareness of the breath, to create flowing movements that energise the body and calm the mind.


Wednesdays in Findon


Wednesdays in Littlehampton

Suzannas classes are filled with her infectious, joyful energy. She is so authentically positive and will help you to feel pleasantly surprised with what your amazing body can do. She deeply cares about each and everyone one of her students and has created a beautiful community in Littlehampton.



Thursdays in Worthing

Michelle has been practicing for around 20 years.  She'll skillfully facilitate you to tune into your body, while giving you the courage and determination to find your edge and progress.


You can expect an abundance of strategic anatomical cues together with offerings of key profound yoga philosophy.



Wednesdays in Horsham

Sue has the most calm, serene manner.

She explains how to extend effort into your practice if you’re feeling energetic, but if you prefer to enjoy a gentler practice, then that’s available too. Everything is OK in her classes.

She creates a sensitive, nurturing  atmosphere which is quietly  challenging for body and soul, sometimes using sensual oils to enhance the experience.



Friday evenings & Sunday mornings in Horsham

Emily teaches with the most beautiful, soft and understanding energy. She brings lots of lovely variety to classes, and this deep sense of connecting to everyone's energy in the room. Yoga runs in the family, as her sister is a yoga teacher too!


Monday & Friday evenings in Horsham

Fiona's calm, strong, soothing voice creates an immediate tranquil oasis
atmosphere. Her sessions are super-relaxing, with permission to rest and switch everything off to recharge…even your own brain! Nothing else to do but just BE for a precious, restorative hour.


Brand Ambassador & Yogi Assistant 

Kerry is an absolute superwoman! A budding yogi herself, Kerry will help you out with queries and bookings and she keeps Meg organised (they've actually been friends since about 2007, and Meg's been copying her homework since 2008!).
Kerry has two wonderful children and is a ray of shining light with a heart of gold.

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