Karen, Horsham

I had been struggling with anxiety, was stressing about everything & unable to get a restful nights sleep. I went to the Free Class (I was nervous, but there were other newbies too so it didn't matter). By the end of the class, my mind was SO much clearer and my body less tense. I go every week now and the best nights sleep of the week is after a Yoga class for sure!"

Paul, Electrician

"I was self-conscious about starting yoga as thought it was just for girls, but after my First Class I saw how good it made me feel (and there were other guys there too)! My back and neck improved dramatically, and has my flexibility. Yoga is like a weekly reset button for my mind - I'm addicted!"

Tracey, Horsham

No matter how tired I feel before class, I always feel a hundred times better after. I find the mixture of physical challenge and mental space it gives me has improved all aspects of my well being. I don't have any back problems now but more significantly, my ability to concentrate, focus and manage stress is so much better. Thank you."

Annamarie, Horsham

Before I returned to Yoga I was really tired, stressed & pretty anxious. I was worried about not being flexible or fit enough to do the moves! I've never been particularly bendy.

The minute I got into my first class, sat on my mat, closed my eyes, connected with my breath/myself I literally felt ‘at home’. I immediately felt at peace, and all worries about being not flexible enough left me. I was immersed in the practice itself, and totally uplifted by the readings and music. 

I felt (and still feel almost 3 months on!) more calm, peaceful and content. Feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and negativity still come, but I feel better placed to deal with them, moving through negative emotions more quickly than before. 


I honestly can’t imagine my life now without my yoga practice with you and your wonderful team of yogis. I love my classes, the mind/spirit aspects are a huge draw for me too. I feel like they’re made for me. I genuinely can’t thank you enough.

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