I’ve never tried yoga before, which class should I come to?

We’d recommend you try a Beginners Yoga class, unless you’re currently very active then you might enjoy the Yoga Flow class. Click here to read about the class types. If you're worried about being the only one in class who 'can't do it', then please relax and rest assured there will be other students in the room who are also starting yoga and feel exactly the same. Yoga is not a competitive sport!

What do I need to bring to the class?

For all classes, please bring your yoga mat and wear clothes you can move in. If you don’t have a yoga mat yet then you'll be able to borrow one. Some people also like to bring a water bottle and a blanket to class as well.

Can I pay once I arrive at the class?

All bookings and payments are taken online, no cash is taken in class. Click here to buy your classes online. All people brand new to Yoga with Meg get a 14 day for £14 intro pass!

Do I need to arrive early for the class?

Please arrive about 10 minutes before class to give you time to settle, set up your mat and get your props ready.

Keep in mind that some classes run nearly back to back so if you get in too early, you may run into a class already in session.

Please don’t arrive any earlier than 15 minutes before the class as the teacher will take some time to prepare the space for you.

What do I wear?

No really special clothes needed! Just wear something comfortable that you can stretch in.

Most people wear a combination of leggings and a t-shirt or shorts and a top too. Anything you might wear to the gym is great. It's helpful to wear layers so you can stay warm in the relaxation at the end too.

Yoga is done without shoes and socks, although you can get special socks with sticky bottoms if you'd like to keep them on for whatever reason.

How do I cancel my classes?

You can cancel up to 12 hours before the class online, or via the app, if you cancel 12 hours or more before the class then you'll get a class credit back to use another time. If you are unable to give us more then 12 hours notice your session is lost.

Members are entitled to pause their monthly payments up to 2 months per year, and if you'd like to cancel your Lifestyle Yoga Program you must give us 14 days notice in writing to

I'm pregnant, can I come to class?

Yoga can be an incredible way to prepare for the birth of your baby though & luckily one of our Yoga Teachers is Pregnancy Yoga Qualified! Louise who teaches our Monday evening classes at All Saints Primary School will be able to look after you throughout your pregnancy journey - just pop us a message so we can let her know!

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